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We proactively manage your complete technology infrastructure, safeguarding reliability, security and compliance.

Blast Zone Msp Security

Our performance optimization routine enhances user experience with fast response time and data availability, improving employee productivity. 



Blast Zone Msp Security

We employ a unique approach that combines lean and agile methodologies to improve resource utilization, leveraging performance and life cycle of your technology ecosystem.

Blast Zone Msp Security

Our AI-Powered monitoring tool acts as a full time sentinel, protecting your organization from cyber threats.  




Empower Workforce Productivity

Our full time help desk provides enterprise-class tech support, providing the help and assistance required to ensure a smooth and highly productive workforce.


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Security is our number one priority 

We help you protect your infrastructure, applications, and data to meet compliance requirements with Federal, Provincial and Industry specific privacy and security mandates.




With modern threats ever-increasing in sophistication and persistence, Blast Zone continuously innovates defensive fortification to ensure maximum IT security 24/7.




Having Blast Zone manage your security initiative, you have access to enterprise grade threat detection and incident response neutralizing intrusions before they occur.




The Blast Zone Security Audit helps you gain insight into your IT environment, tackle the most critical vulnerabilities and define a security roadmap with actionable insights. 


In the modern office environment, remote work is fast becoming the new normal. Employees and extended workforces perform tasks from virtually any device, anywhere, anytime, on any web browser.

Blast Zone’s 360 degree multi-layered approach to safeguard your data and protect your intellectual property

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Endpoint Hardening



  • Advance Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware, Sentinel, Threat Protection
  • Event based proactive monitoring workflows
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (FIPS-140-2 and FIPS-140-3 compliant)

Network Security



  • Wired and Wireless network hardening and segmentation
  • Public Internet access management with Stateful Firewall
  • Cloud application and infrastructure data flow control
  • Onsite audit and network redundancy remediation

Server and Storage



  • Automated Vulnerability and Patch Management
  • Data Backup & Replication Management
  • High privilege profile management and review
  • DNS Configuration audit and hardening (preventing non-volumetric DDOS attacks)

Business Critical Data



  • Multi-Factor Authentication and Single-Sign-On
  • In-Transit and at Rest Data protection
  • Data Loss Prevention protocol and automation 
  • Data and Email Encryption
  • Public CA authority management

Customer Confidence

Blast Zone Msp Security

In the modern digital age, your corporate data resides in a sea of ever expanding complexity and interconnectivity. From accidental deletion, data corruption, cyber attack to on premises disaster, having a reliable and effective backup system is vital to minimizing downtime, revenue loss and maintaining customer confidence.

Blast Zone delivers professional Managed Services & Security, allowing your leadership team greater focus, maximizing profitability and drive business value.

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